New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies (Child & Family Leadership)

NZQF Credits: Individual courses are 15 credits
Duration: Part-time 2 years
Intakes: February & July
Study Options: Field Education, Block Course, Distance education

The Programme involves:

Course Outline

The four courses we recommend for training in Child and Family Leadership that lead to the New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies are:

  • Reflective Field Education
  • Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Family and New Zealand Society

These four courses can build into a higher NZQA approved qualification (for example, NZ Diploma in Christian Studies, Bachelor of Applied Theology, Graduate Diploma of Applied Theology) or you can stop at the four and gain the New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies.

Reflective Field Education - Child and Family 1 and 2

The two Reflective Field Education courses are based on the reading-action-reflection model of internship. This strives for a mutual enrichment of study and ministry to shape imaginative servants who will embody redemptive Christian leadership in their communities.

Formational components of the Field Education include:

• Weekly ministry praxis in your own church setting
• Fortnightly meetings with an experienced supervisor
• Regular online reflections with other students
• Evaluation, feedback and support from Carey’s Field Education Coordinator

Both offered each year in Semester 1

15 credits

Children's Ministry Course 2020

Equip yourself to be more effective in your Children’s Ministry.

This highly interactive course explores the biblical and theological foundations, current trends, and relevant issues in ministry to children and their families within a local church context. It investigates theory and praxis for faith development issues and formulates a rationale for ministry with children .

It examines the nature and spirituality of children in light of biblical, theological, and developmental perspectives. While analysing current ministry practices and considering cultural trends, it also addresses transformational teaching practices for children.

Assessments include: online reflections, interviewing children, ministry observation and a final essay.

Block course: 31 August – 4 September at Carey Baptist College, Penrose, Auckland.

Our Guest Lecturers are Annette Osborne and Tammy Tolman.

Family and New Zealand Society

This course examines the family, and family life, in contemporary New Zealand from theological, biblical and sociological perspectives. Students are challenged to think through the implications of such perspectives and family trends in New Zealand for church life and ministry. Topics covered include family trends and make up in New Zealand, life stages, discipleship, family ministry and missional engagement.
This course is designed to address the issues facing families today and their implications for church ministry. It is highly relevant for anyone in a ministry or community context.
Assessments include: online reflections, a book review and two essays.

Offered: Odd years in Semester 2

15 credits

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Karen Warner

National Team Leader, Baptist Children & Family Ministries

The qualification that Carey offers for those pastoring children is the best available in NZ….It will give you the skills, theological guidance and cultural understanding you need to do effective ministry and mission with children in NZ.