Specialist Programmes

Child and Family Leadership

Called to give your best to children and their families?

Ethnic Ministry Training

Ministry training for believers from a non-English speaking background to be equipped to serve in their church and New Zealand context.



Navigate the gap between school and your future, take a year and find out what God has in store for your life with our Intermission programme.

It is so much more than just a gap year. Your faith and worldview will be stretched, you’ll find God in a deeper and more personal way, define your life direction, get your hands dirty, build transferrable skills and get to meet some awesome like-minded people!

Carey Internship Programme

Train to be a reflective practitioner for Christian ministry in your local church, mission or vocational setting

Pastoral Care

Love pastoral care? This specialist stream will see you engage with experienced pastoral care practitioners and cutting edge pastoral scholarship in a lifegiving, accessible, and safe fashion.

This is a specialisation within the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies.