Student Fees Protection

Fees Protection

The New Zealand Government, under the Education Act 1989 and the Student Fee Protection Rules 2013, requires all Training Establishments registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to protect all student fees paid to them.Carey has appointed the Public Trust to manage this obligation, and uses their Fee Protect service. Public Trust is a government owned Trustee Company that has been in existence for over 135 years and all fees deposited with Public Trust have an unsecured capital guarantee from the New Zealand Government.

Students’ fees are deposited into a trust account at the Public Trust and are then paid to Carey over the duration of their study in accordance with an agreed payments schedule. This ensures that at any time sufficient money is available for refund in the case of a student withdrawing from a programme or course, or the unlikely event that Carey is unable to complete the delivery of a programme or course on account of closure, insolvency or loss of its NZQA accreditation.

Application for any refund is to be made in writing to the Public Trust who, on verifying the claim, will make payment within fifteen days of the course ceasing.

Please note that if a student fails to sign the Public Trust Acknowledgement form they will not be enrolled in CareyOnline until they have done so.

For more information visit the Public Trust’s website.