Water and Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities

New Zealand has a beautiful and diverse environment where you can experience a huge variety of outdoor and adventure activities.

From kayaking, tramping, skiing, swimming, golf, rugby, cycling and many more activities there is something for everyone!

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Water Activities

Wherever you are in New Zealand you will be sure to be close to water, whether that’s the ocean, a lake or river. Water is extremely important to our land and people and a big part of New Zealander’s lifestyle.

New Zealander’s love the water and enjoy water sports including snorkelling, diving, swimming, surfing, yachting, water skiing, jet boating, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding.

It is very important that you are safe while being around and in any water.

Here are some hot tips to ensure your water safety including learning to swim, always swim within patrolled areas at the beach, respect river currents and watch for underwater debris.