NZ Culture, Customs and homesickness

New Zealand has its own culture and customs and ways of doing things. The more familiar you are with the “kiwi” culture the easier it will be to adapt and settle in to life and flourish in your studies.

Find out more about New Zealand Customs and communication here.



Research shows that up to 70% of students will experience homesickness in their early days at College or University. It is a normal part of the experience of leaving home. However, even mild homesickness deserves careful attention. It is a reminder of our need to respect our physical and emotional needs at a time of stress. Yet, for some people the results of homesickness are quite disabling, and need additional support from parents, friends or professionals. (Warwick University)

Carey’s International support staff are here to guide and care for you whenever you need.

Homesickness can be a part of the process of transition. Find out more here about what homesickness is, why you are experiencing it and where there is hope!



Coping Strategies

Whether its culture shock or homesickness here are some helpful ideas of how you can move through this challenging time

  • If you are feeling homesick or overwhelmed, share this with the Carey staff or your class mates
  • Talk about it to a counsellor who understands your feelings and is able to help you in finding ways of coping with homesickness
  • Have a good cry
  • Write down your feelings, thoughts and experiences in a journal
  • Set your room up with something familiar from home
  • Develop new attachments and support systems
  • Be willing to accept and make changes
  • Recognise both positive and negative aspects of this particular experience, being aware of the risk while appreciating the opportunity of growth which it provides.