New Zealand Banking

You will need your own New Zealand Bank Account while studying.

Here’s some tips on setting up your New Zealand Bank Account

To open an account, you will need the following documents:
1. Passport
2. Proof that you are a full-time student, such as a letter from Carey or a fees invoice
3. Proof of a residential address in New Zealand 
4. IRD number
5. Your Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Most banks offer student packages.

Types of accounts include:
• Student cheque accounts .These accounts allow phone or internet banking, which is helpful for paying bills.
• Savings accounts – earn a better rate of interest for money than a current account.
The longer the term of deposit, the better the interest rate.
• Credit cards – International students may have the option to apply for a credit card.

The BNZ has a branch opposite Carey on Great South Road but other banks have branches situated around Auckland; many will be close to where you live.

To manage your money in New Zealand, it is recommended that you open an account with any of the local banks.

Most are student friendly and accessible.

Choose from any of the major banks in New Zealand which include: ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, TSB Bank and Westpac.

Exchange Rates

To learn more about the rate of your home currency and New Zealand you can visit a foreign exchange website or calculator here.