Cost of Living in Auckland

When living in New Zealand it is good for you to be aware of how much the actual costs will be including food, rent/board, transport etc.

Here are some indicative costs to help you work out your budget:

Rent $200 – $350 Depending on where you live
Electricity $93 Based on one third of a 3 bedroom house monthly bill of $280
Weekly entertainment $55  per week
Transport $35 per week (based on one zone return, five days per week)
Haircut $30  
Doctor’s visit $15 – $70  
Groceries $100 – $150  
Cup of coffee $4.00 – $6.50  
Average meal $12 – $15  
Movie ticket $11 – $14 student price


Course Costs

Textbooks $500 – $800 per year


For more help in setting up a budget and keeping within that see the Sorted website.