Key Information

For international students 

Emergency Services

New Zealand is a fairly safe country but you should still be vigilant about your personal safety and belongings.

The emergency number for fire, ambulance and police is 111. Calls are free.

In this link from the New Zealand Police you’ll find out more about keeping yourself safe, keeping your stuff safe, keeping safe around alcohol, keeping your identity and credit cards safe and more.

There is also a section within the page if you are ever arrested by the Police and what you should do.


Medical Assistance

If you become sick whilst on-site at Carey, the college has a well-supplied first aid facility, as well as a sick-bay.

An urgent & medical centre close-by to Carey is:

White Cross (Open 24 hours)

Ground Floor

Ascot Hospital

90 Greenlane Rd East


Ph: 09 520 9555

If it is a non-emergency situation you can make an appointment to see a General Practitioner (GP). You can search for a local GP here.

This webpage is a very good source for information about healthcare services in New Zealand.


Accident Insurance

ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand. However, you may still be liable for any medical costs and related costs. Go to the ACC website for more information

However, before you travel you must arrange appropriate travel and medical insurance to cover you while you are studying in New Zealand. This means that if you do become unwell while in New Zealand your insurance will cover any medical costs, if you are not covered by ACC.


Working and Studying

You may be able to work while you study, depending on your visa. Click on this link from the Department of Immigration to find out more about the options of working and studying.


Immigrant and Student Exploitation

New Zealand is a free democratic country who’s laws ensure that everyone (including immigrants and international students) are treated with respect, and are safe from exploitation.

If you have the right to work in New Zealand (see section on Working and Studying) then you are entitled to the same rights as New Zealand workers and it is a crime for any employer to exploit you.

Visit the Immigration New Zealand website for more information.