Theology in Service to the Church

A Conversation with Charles Hewlett and Dr Christa McKirland

Thursday 28 May 2020

7.00pm Online 


Why is it important for a pastor to think theologically and can theology really contribute to fruitful and effective ministry?

If these questions interest you and you want to explore the relationship of theology to the church, join us as we hear from Charles Hewlett (National Baptist Leader) and Dr Christa McKirland (Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Carey Baptist College), in an online conversation.

We’ll discover where Christa’s passion for the Bible and theology comes from and how it can speak to the church’s mission in New Zealand.

We would love to engage with your questions as well and hope you can join us for this event.

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Dr Christa McKirland

Dr Christa McKirland is lecturer in systematic theology at Carey.

With degrees in philosophy, bible exposition, and systematic theology, she enjoys bringing these disciplines together in order to speak into what it means to flourish.

Ultimately, to be a flourishing human is bound to God’s personal presence and thus her doctoral work focused on the concept of fundamental need and how human beings are uniquely suited to need God in a particular way.

Christa is the Executive Director of Logia International, an organisation that encourages women to pursue postgraduate divinity education for the sake of the academy and church. Logia seeks to highlight the excellence of women who are already established in their fields, while also developing the next generation of scholars who will lead the way in theology, philosophy of religion, and biblical studies.

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