Carey Research Conference 2021

More than 100 people registered to attend the Carey Graduate School Research Conference on 23 September 2021. Here’s a recap of the day including conference recordings.

Research that Matters

The 2021 Carey Graduate School Research Conference was a massive success. Throughout the day, we listened to the cutting edge research of our current thesis students. Wedding their passions and skillsets with theological questions, our students gave stunning presentations on an aspect of their work. After hearing about their work, we had a chance to talk about our different programmes intended to equip postgraduate learners to become resources in their own contexts.

A few of our current students shared about why they are doing study and also why they chose Carey before experiencing some of our postgraduate culture through two wānanga sessions. Three of our teaching team members shared in each of those groups, and we found the groups needed more time to wrap up the discussions because they were so rich! Finally, we concluded the day with a keynote address by Dr. Lynne Taylor. She again demonstrated research that matters to our daily lives by presenting her own work on the role of the church in being both therapeutic and theocentric in our preaching and as we minister to one another.

We hope that attendees were inspired to think of themselves doing research by joining our postgraduate community. We hope the day demonstrated that postgraduate study is not just for the academic elite, but is an opportunity for anyone to be sharpened in their thinking and to address questions that are on their hearts and minds.

Below are recordings of significant portions of our day together, including the introduction to the day, a few of our students’ presentations, the information session and student testimonials, and Dr. Lynne Taylor’s keynote address. Enjoy!

Ngā mihi,

Christa McKirland

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Conference Introduction

Manaakinui Te Kahu and Caleb Te Kahu opened up our day with a karakia and mihi whakatau to our guests, and Dr. Christa McKirland, acting director of Carey Graduate School, explained the order and events of the day.

Student Presentations

Timote Nivalou

Allison Davidson

Andrew Reyngoud

“The Nations in the New Jerusalem” “Motherhood and Faith” “Discovering the Narrative of New Zealand Baptists through Numbers”

Information Session and Student Testimonials

Keynote Address

Dr. Taylor is passionate about helping churches to support the wellbeing of their congregations and wider communities, and she researches and teaches in these areas as part of her role as Jack Somerville Lecturer in Pastoral Theology at the University of Otago. Her desire to help the Church in its missional engagement is why she also continues to work as Researcher for the Baptist Churches of NZ, supplying community demographics and longitudinal church stats to churches.

Dr. Taylor spoke on the pastoral responses to Covid from local churches in Aotearoa: what were their approaches? what content did they teach? and what have we learned since then? Dr. Taylor’s engaging and thoughtful analysis of the church’s response fostered further questions and reflection from the audience. We hope you will be encouraged by her research.

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