Carey Research Conference

17 September 2020

Proudly Hosted by

A Celebration of Integrative Theological Research

Each year Carey’s research community gathers to listen to and interact with the latest offers in integrative theology conducted by Carey’s faculty and thesis students.

In TED-Style talks, students present the fruit of their research and lead the community in a time of academic dialogue.

Carey’s research faculty also present papers on aspects of their current and ongoing research.

Download the full programme here with presentation descriptions


8:00am Mihi Whakatau
8:50am Jaimee van Gemerden: Theological Horizons of Self-Alienation in T. S. Eliot’s Waste Land
9:25am Simon Mahoney: The Practise of Discipleship in New Zealand Baptist Youth Groups
10:00am Sam Pullenger: Theosis and Christian Identity
10:30 Morning Tea Break
11:05am Teremoana Morgan: The Image Dei, Object Relations Theory, and Self-Construct Theory
11;40am Andrew Clark-Howard: Theological Approaches Amidst Pākehā Quests for Reconciliation
12:10pm Lunch Break
1:10pm Mihi Whakatau to Michael Rhodes
1:30pm Michael Rhodes: The (Jubilee) Case for (Ecclesial) Reparations: Interpreting Scripture’s Jubilary Theology in the Aftermath of the Black Manifesto
2:05pm Emma Stokes: Will the Real Samaritan please stand up?
2:40pm Phil Halstead: Forgiveness Over the Decades
3:10pm Afternoon Tea
3:30pm Christa McKirland: Beautiful Need: The Function of Creaturely Dependence in Kathryn Tanner’s Christ the Key
4:05pm Sarah Harris: Sources for Luke’s Gospel
4:35pm Poroaki