CareyOnline elearning

CareyOnline has all the key information for your course(s).

Click here to view the CareyOnline Student Guide.

The CareyOnline course site has a Course Information page which contains the COURSE OUTLINE. This is an important document which describes the course learning outcomes, the format of the course and also details the assessments for each course and the due dates. You should read this course BEFORE your first class (definitely in the first week!) as it will help you understand the course aims. The Course Information section also has contact details for your teacher(s).

You should log in to CareyOnline regularly, at least twice a week to view updated course announcements.

If you are a distance student, or miss an onsite class, go to your course site on CareyOnline and click on Lecture Recordings. All onsite classes are recorded and will be posted to CareyOnline within 48 hours of the timetabled class. You should watch these recordings every week to keep pace with the class.

Your course teacher will also use Online forums and activities to help you engage with other students in the class. CareyOnline course shells typically have a section for each week (or topic).

Log in to CareyOnline and start to explore! Feel free to contact your course teacher if you have questions about your course.

Click here to access CareyOnline.