Issues Facing the Church Today

Special Topic (Ministry)

Block Course

29 April – 3 May 2019

Becoming a Third Way Thinker

This course is an introduction to the social issues facing New Zealand Churches today including poverty & inequality, homosexuality and the LGBT issue, the environment, race and politics.

These are complex issues and must be approached from a number of different angles: historical, sociological and biblical. Further, it is not enough to comprehend an issue, one must also know how to debate such issues, both within the Church and outside in the public square. 

In essence this course will explore an understanding of social issues in light of the social sciences, theology and mission. It will also discuss the characteristics of New Zealand society and Biblical paradigms that facilitate dialogue on church and society, as well as ecclesial responses to sociological realities. 

“On so many issues we’re told its either this or that as though there were only two ways to see complex issues. But maybe there’s another third view that can somehow bring both sides together.”

This course is taught by visiting lecturer Dr Mick Duncan.

Dates & Costs

29 April – 3 May 2019

Carey Baptist College, 473 Great South Road, Penrose

9.30am – 4.45pm each day

$731.00 for credit of full course | $320.00 Audit | $140.00 Registered Baptist Pastor 

Full attendance is compulsory.

About Dr Michael (Mick) Duncan

Mick lectures at Carey in Applied Theology, with a focus on NZ Society, Urban Mission, and Cross Cultural Studies.  

Mick comes out of ‘three worlds’. The first is that of a local church where he has served as a pastor in a number of churches over the decades. Second, he comes out of the world of an intentional households (NZ) and incarnational church planting in slums (Manila). He has also established various disciple-making entities like Alongsiders, Red Letters and Intermission. And thirdly he comes out of an external world where he is engaged in speaking, lecturing and writing.

His books include: Move Out, Costly Mission, Who Stands Fast, Wild Ones and Alongsiders. His research Masters explores ‘A Theological Ethic of Initiative’ from the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Mick’s PhD is titled, “The Moral Pathway Toward the Stranger in the Life and Thought of John Wesley.”

With academic degrees combined with ‘street degrees’ Mick brings to his speaking and teaching; discernment, wisdom and tools for the trade of ministry and mission. 

Mick currently pastors without being a Pastor, speaks & teaches throughout NZ & Australia, has a heart for vulnerable kids needing care and protection (through Open Homes) and just loves the art of neighboring where he, and his wife, Ruby live.

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