Intermission Explore Night

Tuesday 26th January 2021



Do you want to live a life that’s full on for Jesus?

A life where you can apply your faith and be all God has called you to be?.

Come on an adventure in 2021 with Intermission. You’ll join a cohort of students aged 16 – 21 on a discipleship journey where you’ll:

  • Stretch your faith and worldview
  • Define your life direction
  • Find God in a deeper and more personal way
  • Get an NZQA qualification and build transferrable skills for the future

You could even study for free* next year.

Come and find out more at our Information Night.

Bring your Support Crew – that’s your ma or pa, grandmother, BFF or Youth Pastor. Everyone is welcome.

Download the flyer here

Details of this event are dependent on COVID guidelines. We’ll keep you posted!


What’s Intermission? 

Torin and April went on a one year discipleship journey in 2020 with Intermission and it’s been a life changing experience for them.

They learnt about theology, themselves and God and now have the confidence that wherever that next adventure or career path is they’re equipped with a stronger faith and knowledge of themselves.

Watch their story.

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Alumni Stories

Hananja Petzer

“Intermission has been a life changing experience. I joined Intermission thinking I will simply learn more about God and the Bible. Which I have, but I have also learned so much more! I have learned how our society and worldviews are shaped and the powers and principalities behind it all. A highlight would probably be all the different contexts that we get placed in and then have to reflect on what we learned from our experiences. Knowing what I know now I can’t not live my life differently after this year.”