Being Human

The Significance of Christology for understanding humans

Block Course

25 – 28 June 2018


What does it really mean to say that Jesus reveals what it means to be truly human?

And what difference does that make for how we understand specific issues like the image of God, embodiment, free will, sexuality, race, and more.

This course will guide students through the most challenging issues that face anyone attempting to deal with the subject of theological anthropology and what this means for ministry and mission in today’s world.

The course offers a theological examination of the nature of persons with special reference to issues raised by modern philosophy, psychology, and culture. Approaches to human personhood as ontological, existential, and relational being are explored. Close attention is given to the nature of human persons, the body-soul dynamic, gender and sexuality, issues having to do with embodied existence, original sin, and the image of God.

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Dates & Costs

25 – 28 June 2018

Carey Baptist College, 473 Great South Road, Penrose

9.30am – 4.30pm

$300.00 Audit | $140.00 Registered Baptist Pastor | $1806.00 for credit of full course

Full attendance is compulsory. Group concessions are available – contact Myk Habets

This course is taught as part of the Master of Applied Theology degree at Carey Graduate School

About Dr Marc Cortez Ph.D.

Marc is Associate Profess or Theology and Doctoral Supervisor at Wheaton College in Illinois, USA.

His study specialties include: theology, church history, ministry, biblical studies, Greek, pop culture.

His published books include Theological Anthropology: A Guide for the Perplexed and Christological Anthropology In Historical perspective: Ancient and Contemporary Approaches to Theological Anthropology

“I think that humans are fascinatingly weird creatures who raise all kinds of complex questions, so I enjoy studying pretty much anything that has to do with human persons.

More specifically, though, much of my research focuses on the significance of Christology for understanding humans in general.”

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