Events & Block Courses

Carey Events & Block Courses

Throughout the year Carey organises a variety of events as part of our community life and ongoing learning. From Orientation, Graduation, Open Days, SENDing and our annual Conference we are passionate about providing an environment where Christians can engage with contemporary issues and pursue opportunities for ongoing learning to provide depth and energy to their service to God, the church and the world.

Alongside our undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Applied Theology we offer a range of seminars, annual conferences, block courses and other events to stimulate discussion, challenge critical thinking and develop ministry and mission practitioners. They are an excellent opportunity for continued learning and to dip your toe into tertiary theological training.

We also organise a number of special events to ensure that every student feels welcome. We work hard to create an inclusive community that is fun, caring and nurturing.


2020 Events & Block Courses

Christian Spirituality

Discover, practice and discuss a range of spiritual disciplines that will nurture your spiritual growth and sustain your witness and ministry for years to come.

13 – 14 August & 1 – 3 October

Taught by Alan Jamieson

Open Day

Come on a journey of discernment.

Join the Carey Community for a relaxed and informative day – or connect via the online resources

6th October

8am – 3pm


Intermission Explore Night

Come on an adventure in 2021 with Intermission.

You’ll join a cohort of students aged 16-21 on a discipleship journey that will stretch your faith and worldview and help you define your direction.

Find out more at our Explore Night.

20th October