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New Zealand Baptist Archive

The Archive seeks to acquire, preserve, manage and make accessible to everyone, archives collected from the family/whānau of New Zealand Baptists.  We provide a rich archival resource for better understanding the New Zealand Baptist community and provide a framework for exploring the collected memory of our individual, local, and national New Zealand Baptist identity.  The collection includes archives from NZ Baptist churches, the NZ Baptist Missionary Society, the Baptist Union, Baptist Union Associations, Baptist Community Ministries, Carey Baptist College, and groups currently or formerly part of the NZ Baptist Union.

Services we Offer

We partner with New Zealand Baptist organisations in collecting and archiving all types of archives.  Anyone can come in person to view the archives without charge, however some records do have access restrictions. We’re located at the Ayson Clifford library at Carey Baptist College.  If you’re out of town you can search using our online catalogue below or contact us.  We provide research services for a small fee.  Please see the fee schedule or contact us for information.

Search the Archives

To search for NZ Baptist Archive materials use the Carey Library Catalogue. Archive search can be found as one of the search options at the top of the screen.

Tips for Searching for Archives
Near the top of the catalogue screen is the search box. Select the Archive search option, then enter your search – for example, a subject, name etc. Select magnifying glass icon: On the result list screen, click on an item title for further details:
Archiving Your Resources

We’d love to add your archives to the NZ Baptist Archive national archive collection.  You can send both physical and digital records and images. Digital resources are archived on our live server and selected digital items can be added to our on-line catalogue.  Contact us for information.

Transfer Guidelines

We’re a small Archive, so we need your help to keep your valuable archives in good condition.  Before you begin archiving it’s essential you download and read these documents:

These documents give you information on how to send your archives.  Suitable packaging information is on pages 7-14 in the Archive Transfer Guidelines.  We really appreciate the work you do and please contact us for help.


If you’re sending your archives to us we assume you want your archives to be as usable as possible. For instance, maybe you’d like us to be able to digitise items or make your photographs available for publications.

To enable this to happen please complete the copyright section of the Donor Agreement and use Creative Commons copyright. Feel free to contact us if you’d like us to go through what this is, or you can learn more by visiting Aotearoa New Zealand Creative Commons.

Our Collection

Our earliest archives are from 1851.

Our treasures include:

A complete set of digitised NZ Baptist magazines from 1876.

The diaries of Emma Beckingsale, providing an unrivalled insight into the missionary experience in India (missionary nurse and member of the NZ Baptist Missionary Society 1895-1935).

Samples of Rev. Charles Carter’s work (Ceylon 1860s), Sinhalese Bible translator and producer of the first dictionary, instrumental in establishing the NZ Baptist Missionary Society.

We hold collections from:

Baptist Churches
The Baptist Union and Associations
The NZ Baptist Missionary Society
Carey Baptist College
District Associations

Other Archive Collections

Baptist archives are also held by other Archives. For more information see these web pages:


JJ North Memorial Wing under construction in1954

Contact Information

Contact the library for assistance with your archiving needs.  

General Contact
0800 773 776 ext. 713
09 526 0347

[email protected]
Postal Address
Attn: Ayson-Clifford Library
PO Box 12149
Auckland 1642

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