Accreditations and Associations

Carey is proud to be affiliated with and adhere to the high standards of quality teaching from the following accreditation bodies and associations.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority
NZQA ensures that New Zealand qualifications are valued as credible and robust both nationally and internationally.

Baptist Churches of New Zealand
The Baptist denomination is a network of over 240 local churches – the Baptist Churches of New Zealand – who share common beliefs and practices.

BYM – Baptist Youth Ministries
Baptist Youth Ministries (BYM) serves the Baptist Churches of New Zealand, a family of more than 240 churches who seek to impact Aotearoa New Zealand.

BYM is one of the largest youth ministry networks in New Zealand; they have over 2,000 people (paid and volunteer) involved in youth leadership, serving 20,000+ young people of intermediate age, high school age, and young adult age (18-25) throughout the country every week.

Independent Tertiary Institutions (ITI)
ITI represents a number of NZQA registered private tertiary education providers in New Zealand that share high quality standards, support their students’ aspirations and push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Christian Theology and Ministries Education Society (CTMES).
CTMES is a professional body that represents the NZQA registered Theological Education providers in New Zealand.

New Zealand Association of Theological Studies (NZATS).
This body brings together Christian agencies that offer degree-level theological education. NZATS is in turn, a chapter of the Australia and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools (ANZATS).

South Pacific Association of Evangelical Colleges (SPAEC).
This association, founded in 1969, links together Bible Colleges in the region for more effective ministry in the fulfilment of common goals. It is a member of ICETE (International Council for Evangelical Theological Education), a group of similar accrediting bodies from around the world.