Come and Celebrate!

Join us for one of the highlights of the Carey calendar as we celebrate the graduation of our 2021 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Graduation is one of the most exciting events in the Carey calendar. It is a special time when we celebrate with our students, and their families, friends, churches, and supporters, all the hard work that has been done to complete their applied theology qualifications.

Graduation is currently planned for Saturday 2 April, 2022 so watch this space for more details.

Monique Lee and Sela Kivalu giving a speech at Graduation 2021


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You need to complete an application to graduate and send this to our Academic Registrar.

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Graduation Photos

Graduation 2021

Graduation 2021

Share in the jubilation at Manukau City Baptist Church by viewing our Graduation photos of 27 March 2021.
Graduation 2019

Graduation 2019

Join in the achievements of the Graduation photos of 6 April, 2019 held at at Manukau City Baptist Church.

“At Carey we believe that the God of mission is at work in the world by the Spirit to renew people and places in Christ. Our calling is to equip Christian leaders with the convictions, competencies, and capacity to participate in that mission, bringing gospel renewal in churches and communities across Aotearoa and around the world.”

– John Tucker, Principal