Carey is delighted to announce that Glenn Melville will be joining its staff as the new Director of the Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning. The Centre was established in 2015 to provide high quality professional development for Christian leaders. It now serves hundreds of pastors and churches across New Zealand.

After working in marketing and branding for corporate multi-nationals, and completing a Master of Theology, Glenn served at Glen Eden Baptist for seven years, first as associate pastor and then as interim senior pastor. Glenn is currently in the final stages of a PhD, in which he is investigating the health and well-being of pastoral leaders in New Zealand. This has generated rich insights into the well-being and professional development needs of pastors.

“I have a passion to support Christian leaders with training and resources to help them thrive in ministry, and I am so excited that this role gives me the opportunity to do that,” says Glenn. “I believe that in order to sustain an effective and satisfying ministry, it is critical for leaders to be supported in their well-being and ongoing professional development. I also want to deliver relevant and accessible training that inspires and supports leaders as they seek to bring gospel renewal to the churches and communities in which they serve.”

Glenn lives in Laingholm, West Auckland, with his wife Kelly and three daughters. Kelly is a kindergarten teacher, Emma works in design, Grace is studying nursing at AUT, and Lily is a high school student. They are members of the Glen Eden Baptist Church community.

“At Carey, we believe passionately in the value of lifelong learning. If our churches are to thrive and bring gospel renewal to people and places, they need robust leaders who keep learning and growing. We’re thrilled, therefore, to welcome Glenn Melville as the Centre’s next Director. Glenn brings to the role considerable leadership experience, rigorous scholarship on the subject of pastoral resilience, and a deep passion to see leaders thrive in ministry and mission. Under his leadership, we’re looking forward to seeing many more leaders and churches benefitting from the Centre’s world-class catalogue of training options.” – Dr John Tucker, Principal, Carey Baptist College

 “I am so pleased to hear of Glenn’s appointment as the Director for the Centre of Lifelong Learning with Carey.  Glenn has been committed to lifelong learning himself through his continued Master of Theology training and his PhD studies and has gained so much practical experience through his leadership in church and community ministry.  I have known Glenn for many years both as a member of Glen Eden Baptist Church and through his involvement over the years on the Board of our Church’s Community Trust, Visionwest.  This role is a perfect fit for Glenn’s gifts, skills, passion, sense of call and experience, and I know he will be a blessing to pastors and leaders in the years to come.” – Lisa Woolley, CEO, Visionwest Community Trust

“I am thrilled at the appointment of Glenn as the new Director of the Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning. Glenn is a friend and a previous colleague in pastoral ministry and is an outstanding person in terms of both his personal integrity and comprehensive ministry experience. He brings a wealth of insight from both the corporate and church worlds that will serve him well in this role. His current PhD research is related to supporting the emotional health of pastoral leaders, and I believe he will be an influential champion for the ongoing professional and personal development of our pastors and leaders. Glenn’s appointment is a gift to our movement!” – Neil Baker, Senior Pastor, Auckland Baptist Tabernacle