Carey has officially become a Logia Global Partner! Logia is an international organisation that aims to increase the visibility of women in the academy and the church so that women’s voices may be more valued in these contexts. Thus, supporting women pursuing post-graduate divinity education is a means to Logia’s primary end: to encourage women’s full participation in the academy and church according to each woman’s convictions and conscience.

Logia’s founder and executive director, Dr. Christa McKirland, will be consulting with Carey as we continue to improve our own support system for women. As part of this partnership, Carey has generously supported the new Logia website that can be found here.


Professor Murray Rae, of Otago University writes:

‘One of the most encouraging developments in Christian Theology in recent years has been the increasing prominence of outstanding women scholars serving both the academy and the church. Many women working in Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Liturgy, Missiology, to name but a few of the sub-disciplines of Christian Theology, are leaders in their respective fields of scholarship and are bringing much needed wisdom and fresh insight to the church as it seeks to understand how the Christian Gospel might be faithfully understood and communicated in our own time. A major contributor to the increased prominence of women scholars has been the work of Logia, an organisation begun by Dr Christa McKirland and others at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Logia is dedicated to supporting women in theology and especially to nurturing the emerging  generation of  younger scholars. With Christa’s recent move to Carey Baptist College in Auckland, Logia is now seeking to build a network of women scholars in Aotearoa New Zealand. This is a development that will surely enrich our theological institutions in this country and contribute immensely to the life of the Christian church.’