Peter Hull’s study this year was defined by these words from Dr Christa McKirland: ‘Unless this study brings you into a closer relationship with Jesus and makes you love him more this is just pointless’. “That was good”, he says, “because as I started I was aware that people can come into theological training and it’s all in their head and not in their heart;  it can become cold or robotic.”

But this hasn’t been the case for Peter. He completed his Graduate Diploma in Applied Theology this year and moves into a new ministry role next year as Deacon in Charge in the Anglican South Wairarapa Parish in Featherston, into a church that he loves with people that he loves.

He leaves Carey with a closer relationship with Jesus and a deeper knowing why God loves us so much “stepping into that and living in that is where life is. It’s freedom and the ability to genuinely pass that on to other people.”

Study at Carey has been challenging and has brought him out of his comfort zone. “I’ve enjoyed the difficult times as well as the joyful times because I’ve thought what can I learn here. So even in the tricky times there’s beauty to be had and there’s joy to be had. There’s learning and there’s an invitation.”

“Ultimately it’s more than the learning you do from the classes, it’s a learning you do about yourself, learning from other people, how you interact with other people, and learning how much God actually does love us and so much more.”