Carey is delighted to announce that Dr Michael Rhodes will be joining its staff as lecturer in Old Testament from the beginning of 2021.

Michael is currently the Director of Community Transformation at the Memphis College of Urban and Theological Studies. For the last five years he has led efforts there to equip church leaders with theologically-informed tools for Christian community development and urban mission. Before that, Michael served as the Director of Education at Advance Memphis, a Christian community development organization, serving the economically impoverished community the Rhodes family has called home since 2011.


Dr Rhodes received his PhD from the University of Aberdeen, where he completed a thesis on moral formation and biblical meals under Craig Bartholomew. He is the co-author of Practicing the King’s Economy: Honouring Jesus in How We Work, Earn, Spend, Save, and Give (Baker, 2018). Michael frequently leads training on community development and economic discipleship. His deep desire is to help the church hear and respond to Scripture’s call to embody God’s good news for the marginalized in word and deed.

Michael is married to Rebecca, who serves as the Director of Children’s Ministry at their church. Together they have four small children: two named after prophets (Isaiah and Amos), one after their favourite Old Testament legal institution (Jubilee), and one named after a sudden burst of starlight, as well as a dear friend (Nova). 

“As one of New Zealand’s highest-ranked research institutions, we’re delighted to be welcoming such a gifted biblical scholar. Michael brings to Carey a deep love for the church, a deep confidence in the Scriptures, and a deep engagement in ministry among the poor. Michael’s research embodies Carey’s integrative approach to theology and training. The obvious alignment between his calling and our mission as a theological college is very exciting. We look forward to working together to train leaders for effective gospel ministry in today’s world.” – Dr John Tucker, Principal, Carey Baptist College

“Michael Rhodes is exactly the kind of biblical scholar we need in the 21st century. I’ve been impressed with him since I first encountered his brilliant, interdisciplinary dissertation. Here is someone who moves easily between biblical studies, ethics, and theology, weaving them together in a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. And he is not just a scholar; he is a practitioner with years of experience in ministry and teaching, who has a heart for the transformation of the world for the sake of God’s reign and Christ’s cross.” – Brent A. Strawn, Professor of Old Testament and Professor of Law, Duke University 

“In his outstanding doctoral research Michael attended in detail to what I regard as the greatest need of our day, namely spiritual formation. Michael embodies what I think of as the best of Evangelicalism: orthodox in doctrine and practice (orthopraxy). Large swathes of the US now suffer from the debilitating effects of poverty and Michael has devoted himself to teaching, writing and doing theology in this context. His and his family’s move to NZ is a loss for the US but a huge gain for Carey and NZ.” – Dr Craig Bartholomew, Director, Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, Cambridge, UK

 “During his time at the Memphis College of Urban Theological Studies, Dr. Michael has been not just a prolific contributor to his discipline; he has had a transformative teaching ministry. Because he brings all that he is to what he teaches, students trust him; the relationships he forms lead to positive interpersonal and academic experiences for our students.” – DiAnne L. Malone, Associate Dean of Student and Faculty Services, MCUTS

“Michael Rhodes is one of a rare breed of biblical scholar who genuinely practices what he preaches. His commitment to an integrated, holistic and missional reading of Scripture is matched by his commitment to the shared life of economic justice and compassion among the poor and disadvantaged. He will bring the integration of faithful biblical scholarship and personal lived experience to his new teaching post at Carey Baptist College.” – Dr Christopher J. H. Wright, Langham Partnership International

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