It is an honour to be led by people on our governing Board who hold a vision for Carey and are dedicated to seeing our students intentionally engaging in God’s world. 

Denise is a passionate Jesus Follower, seeking to understand the scriptures and lead a life that reflects that truth, and being on the Carey Board aligns with that passion. Denise has been a member of the Carey Board since February 2018 where she brings a unique blend of indigenous perspective, experience in grassroots community-led development, mission lifestyle and a prophetic call to the church and college.

She has been a member for 11 years with Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH), a mission order of the Baptist Church. This ministry focuses upon living and working in areas of high deprivation.  She is married to Dave and they have three children. They have had a relationship with Carey College since 2006, having provided placements for students. They have been members of Manurewa Baptist Church for 9 years and were commissioned into the work and ministry of UNOH to serve in Randwick Park.

Denise has over 25 years experience with Youth for Christ, Te Ora Hou (a ministry focused upon Māori and Pacific youth) and Bible in Schools. She has a background in Primary School teaching, youth work and community- led development and engagement.

“As a Board member I bring a Māori perspective and awareness that is an area that I think is imperative in our New Zealand context. I think an indigenous theological perspective can only add further depth to our Carey Board. This is an area that I believe Carey needs to be leading in and influencing the church so that we provide an environment that will draw Māori to desire to study at Carey and also better equip all our students to have a wider understanding of New Zealand history as Tangata whenua and Tangata Tiriti.”