Eva Koh didn’t think she was an adequate leader in her church, even though she had a deep sense of calling to ministry work, but completing the ethnic ministry training course has been life changing for her.

She is one of ten students in the first class of Ethnic Ministry Training that have recently graduated with a Carey certificate in church ministry. The students come from all over – Ethiopia, Eritrea, China, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Burma.

There are so many good things to say about this course but if I can only pick one favourite, it would have to be the lecturers. Combined, this course has given me about 500 years’ worth of knowledge and wisdom. They have all inspired me to love God’s Word even more and developed my passion for mission.

The broad range of subjects in this course allowed me to grow and develop in the various areas of ministry. It has given me the equipping that I needed to be an effective leader to better serve my church. It also gave me a preview of theological education which to my surprise, since I am not the studious type, sparked great desire in me to study God’s Word academically. When I started this course two years ago, I only had the intention to ‘upgrade’ myself. However, today, I am pursuing a degree in ministry, thanks to this course which has shaped my purpose and direction to be a fulltime servant for Christ. 

For Programme Leader, Dr Beulah Wood, it has been an absolute delight to teach the class and I particularly want to thank the Tabtrust for believing in this vision and funding it.