Carey Baptist College receives historical A grade in government assessment for performance based research

Carey Baptist College has been identified this week by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) as the first and only private training establishment (PTE) to have a faculty member receive an A quality category in the Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF) 2018 Quality Evaluation which is, as TEC highlight, “a first for the sector… and an indicator that the subsector continues to build a research culture”.

The Research Quality Evaluation is one of New Zealand’s biggest research assessment exercises and informs the funding allocation of 55% of the PBRF, which is over $1 billion during the six-year funding period.

In the important AQS (S) ranking (which measures the intensity of research relative to staffing numbers), Carey Baptist College was the highest ranked non-university, and scored above the average score (7.15) across the sector with a score of 10.11.

Carey Baptist College is also one of only two PTEs to score more than 1.0 on the AQS(E) ranking, which measures the intensity of research relative to postgraduate students. Carey Baptist College scored 1.22.

“We are proud to be leading the way in Christian education. Our goal is to produce graduates who are responsive to the contemporary needs and questions of church and society. We are pleased to continue to build a research culture at our College,” says Dr John Tucker, Carey’s Principal. Christian scholarship has a long and enduring history, and Carey is proud to continue this legacy in service of both the church and society in Aotearoa.

“As this latest ranking shows, Carey Baptist College staff are well-equipped to do this.”